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It is actually Really easy to tame These.

You Need:

1 Longneck Rifle

10 Tranquelizer Bullets

15 Normal Bullets

To be Good Leveled in running Speed

100 Narcoberries

First you Need To Help him fight Every other Creatires in His near (there are Always some) when Hes done fighting with them and has eaten their corpse, He will Chase you, Just give him easy headshots with the Tranquelizer Bullets, (that is easy cause He constantly Looks at you). Then knock him Out. After knocking him Out you Need weapons or Dinos to clear the area of ANY Predators, (thats what the Bullets are for).

After knocking Out, give him Prime meat and fill him constantly with Narco (Berries Work too).

And congratulations! You've Made yourself a "Mister Spy"

Have fun!

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