The story of how my favorite spino was murdered in cold blood..

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The story of how my favorite spino was murdered in cold blood..

So i had this spino for a long time. Had 2 perfect tame max level parents breed and then 100% imprint on it aswell. It was also mutated in its health stats too. Now i had imprinted and raised this spino on ragnarok, and ever since i had brought this spino to every map i transferred too, every boss fight, and even used it as a travel mount bc it had very good speed. Now i had every map defeated at the time, other then aberration. All i needed to defeat the boss was the alpha reaper king barb. So i brought my spino up to the surface, confident it would destroy every reaper up there. Until about 5 minutes into looking, we were ambushed by, i wanna say 8-12 reaper kings. I was corned, bodyblocked. Couldn't get out if i wanted to. Then, the thing i was most afraid of, the thing that i thought would never happen, happened. My spino collapsed. Defeated by the pack of reaper kings. I rushed back to my base, blood coming out of my eyes, furious. I knew that i had to bring my reaper king up there to get vengeance, but i also brought my rock drake because i need that myr eaper would be weakened by the light. Sure enough, i found the huge pack of reapers, and i slaughtered them. One by one they all died a meaningless, horrible, painful death. My reaper barely made it out, but after all the reapers were dead, i cryo'd my reaper, went home, and made a whole graveyard dedicated to that spino. Moral of the story: Do not bring a spino up to the surface. No matter how strong you think it is. However, story aside, these guys are worth taming, and better then rexes in every aspect other then health.

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