{ = May We Meet Again = }

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{ = May We Meet Again = }

A short story of Bravery and Courage.

One day, while exploring the vast greenland’s for the Lava Cave, I was pounced by a raptor. She was a beautiful purple color. I’d never tamed a raptor before. I was attempting to kill it when I accidentally knocked it out. I figured now that it’s out, I might as well try to tame her. And I did so very successfully.

Two game months later, I had tamed a male raptor. I bred them together and Had Triplets, Delta, Echo, and Larry. They all were beautiful. All males.


A Spinosaurus, the spinosaurus that we had been fending off from our territory for weeks now, wandered just feet away from our base. I prepared for battle. All My Raptors and my Trike were all facing the huge spino. I sent them to target. They all died in the process. Except for one raptor.. The female I had tamed in my first day.. Adira.

Adira now rests in my base, safe from harm.

To the others, however.. May we meet again.

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