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Compared to taming a rex, this thing is actually harder to tame unless this thing spawns in the middle of two cliffs so it’ll have nowhere to run. I once tamed a rex with only a bow and a few tranq arrows on easy mode, obviously, but I can actually kill rexes up to lvl 100+ when on lvl 30+ yourself, on mobile that is. This thing runs when it has high torpor or near death, and it runs FAST. So unless you’re a WWII veteran sniper and can track this bad boy’s movement up to an island away, you’d have to lure it in the middle of two cliffs. Griffins are also good to help you tame this guy, but they’re a pain in the arse to tame on mobile... Use bio toxin to keep down, or a ton of narcoberries. Best method is starve taming. Clear out the area of every single aggressive thing though, and remember this guy has an oxygen stat, so it’ll drown if you knock it out in waters deep enough to make it swim (shallow waters where it can stand doesn’t make it drown, same thing goes for everything that you have to tame thru knock out method). Use ascendant bows or ascendant crossbows to knock out, or a tranq dart which is more efficient. Bring 10x more the amount of narcotics, if that’s what you use, better use bio toxin to keep this down. Around two or three stacks of bio toxin should be enough for levels 100+ of a spino.

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