How to tame spino:

You will need: A spino (to tame, duh), a pteranodon with a saddle, an icthy with a saddle, a nearby leed, 40-50 tranq arrows and a bow.

Step 1: hop on your icthy and scrape meat off the leed. Step 2: Hop on your pteranodon and fly to the spino. Step 3: land your pteranodon on a rock for safety, and make sure its on attack target, or it stands there and dies, also make sure the rock is high and not near danger. Step 4: go fairly far back from the spino, and hit it with one tranq arrow. Step 5: hide behind a rock, not too tall so you can still hit the spino. Step 6: keep hitting it, it should get stuck behind the rock and slash wildly. If it starts to run, follow and keep hitting it. Step 7: Once its unconsious, give it prime fish meat. (From the leed.) Step 8: it should tame realativly quick. Step 9: There is your very own spino! put it some where where there is no big threats. ( Allo pack, other spinos or rexes.) Make sure to whstle to stop so it doesn't follow! Step 10: find your pteranodon and fly back to your base. ( if its too high, make sure you REALLY can't get up, if so, make sure no danger is in the area, and request it, then fly back.) Step 11: Find a good spot for your spino and request it. Step 12: Name your friend, and congradgulate yourself. Hope this was helpful! ;D

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