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Will not exactly a shrt tip, but let me say approximately 10:30am bc a ninja stays plyn Ark(mobile) 24/7, day n note, but I saw a spino as I was flyn bak to my base on my Argy n I decided,"y not try n tame it" so boom bang tried tranqn it wit my longnek rifle and I began to dought tranq rifle so I went wit plan B, tranq arrows which r mo trustive, n seconds latr........😴. Yay! A success, so bam! I put the meat n its inventory, bam! Starts tan. I strtd to notice I had NO NARCOTICS!😬πŸ€₯ nothing at all to help keep it sleep so plan C came along, BAM! Guess wat I did.....I CHEATD HAHAHA, I went into my shop😏 bought a somthn balm the Γ—15 one😏😏YEAAAAAHπŸ€«πŸ˜‰, TAMD IT N 2 MUNCHES. but EH! THM SPINOS AINT NO JOKE, MOVE HELLA FAST, 2 types of attacks. But yes thts my way of how to tame spino yu could also use a Tapajara as will. I apprieciate whnevr takes duh time to read thisπŸ˜¬πŸ˜†πŸ˜Ž. Add me IG: Monkeybombr, Sc:monkey_lord12. we all need friends dont we lol. Stay blessd

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