I was on my spino which I stole as a baby from a raid, max…

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I was on my spino which I stole as a baby from a raid, max level, fully imprinted, I raised it and leveled it, we were best friends, I named her death metal croc (all my spinos relate to metal) and I decided while I was raising baby Thylas, let's go stuff around in the ocean biome, I grabbed my scuba gear and death metal croc and ventured to the deepest part of the centre's ocean. I was killing mossa and then a teuso comes and joins the fight, I was doing great still until...... JELLY FISH! Knocked me off and my spino floated to the water's surface and the teuso and mossa killed me. I lost amazing acendant gear and was lucky enough to find my spino later in the ocean waiting for me. Long story short, out your valuables away, think before you act and treasure your Dino's, especially something as useful and cool as a spino (rex's can eat a butt spino is better)

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