For anybody who want to tame a Spinosaurus without build a stone trap, here is a tip.

1. Ride a flyer (a any level of Tapejara with alot of health is highly recommended )

2. Find a Spinosaurus near the green obelisk

3. Aggro it and lure it to the green obelisk (watch your distance between you and the Spinosaurus. Don't be to close or to far)

4. Just go to the obelisk till the Spinosaurus fell to the cliff

5. Land your Tapejara to the cliff ( this is why you need Tapejara) and start shooting it with tranq dart till it unconscious

6. Spinosaurus will stuck to the cliff as it try to run away due to taking enough torpor damage so it won't escape and you won't have to waste your time chasing the run away spino and save your dart

7. Feed it with meat according to the dododex

P.S clean the obelisk from any threat that will make your taming process failed such as titanoboa, dilo, and raptor. I play on mobile if that's important

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