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Made a 3x3 stone dinosaur gateway raft for Rex and spino taming, Spino kept popping back out after sinking in to the trap, tested on Rex and tamed no problem, spino for some reason just wouldn’t fit in the same sized trap, seems they are bigger some how? Spotted a lvl 147 spinosaur female to tame and no matter how many times I’m forced to retreat and rebuild the raft I’ll keep at it till it’s tranqed and tamed to be ridden. So far I’ve nearly had my imprinted argentavis Little Wing eaten as well as her husband who’s three times her level. The spino it seems can alter its attack rate, it sped up a lot when my birds health got below one third during the taming runs on the 147. They have attention issues making a 3 minute flight to kite to the raft a 20 minute struggle to avoid an allo pack on the upper bank of the river as the river dried up preventing taking the raft closer to my parking bay. She’s currently waiting up river for hopefully the final attempt, fingers crossed take success

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