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These things are soooo good

1. They can walk backwards which makes it so much easier to line them up against a wall or something in your base

2. They have a heat vision mode, which is super useful while in pvp and also if you are flying around in the redwoods

3. They can divebomb

4. They have two healing moves, one is if you are flying you can turn into an ice cube and pretty much be a health bomb for any of your dinos on the ground, also I could be wrong but I think it heals you and the owl as well.

The second healing move is pretty much the same but it’s for when you are standing on the ground, the owl will cover itself with its wings and then freeze and heal anything in the vicinity

Only problem for me is that they can’t pick things up.. but I still definitely recommend taming one

Sorry if I missed anything, but have a nice night/day!

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