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How to get one:

1: Go fishing but fail because you forgot that there needs to be actual fish around

2: Craft and place fish baskets where fish spawn but it still doesn't work

3: Heck the fishing thing, beat up a fish, and bring the body to shore

4: Find a shadowmane but you forgot to bring the fish

5: You brought the fish but the shadowmane is awake

6: Wait a thousand years for it to go back to sleep

7: Shove the fish corpse down its throat while it sleeps

8: You think you've tamed it once it woke up

9: Get killed for the 30th time by the shadowmane

10: you remember you have to repeat the steps I just went through

11: Finally get it

12: You see a tek stryder

[Hint: Next part is in tek stryder]


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