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Not too long ago I remember that I was exploring by the water. I had a turtle for protection named little t and I had a moschops named cheese that loved me. You can call these things what you want: austrailian doggo, ol snapper, >:[ . But it will forever be a BFA (big f!@#$%^ alligatator) in my vocabulary. The BFA came bounding from the woods with so much speed it was blurry. It was faster than my turtle but not cheese who decided it no longer loved me and turned to run in the opposite direction. I didn't want to lose my turtle so I hopped on cheese before it got away and faced the BFA of which little t was already attacking and charged. After a fierce and long battle we had the BFA almost cut down to size when it lifted its head and snaped its jaws. Then I heard a sound. It wasn't the sound I wanted which was *BFA dying* it sounded more like... *raptor noises*. I didn't even have time to turn around and look at the only dino in the area that could pursue cheese if things got bad when it was on my back. Within seconds little t was ripped apart and cheese and I were being attacked at from the front and back I didn't have enough time to kill the BFA then turn on the raptor, so my only hope was running from the BFA long enough to kill the raptor first but before I could get away I was thrown from cheese as it rolled over to fetal position and was soon eaten. I was just barely faster than the raptor but my stamina soon ran out. I tried to climb the hill I came from but i slipped and got booted back down. With no other way of runing and with no stamina the only thing I could do was fight I had no quick way to pull out my tools, so I fought bare handed, but there was no use it was much stronger than me and soon won.

I have vowed to one day kill the raptor and BFA that killed me and took everything and make sure the last sounds they hear before they die would be *teebagging sounds* then I would feed them to a wild herbavore.

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