The ULTIMATE Dino team: island, mobile compatible too

Tanks: 3-5 sarcos, a therizno, and 2 brontos

Scouts: high level raptors, and mabey some sabbers

Attackers: 1giga, 2 spinos, and a Rex (if no giga spino is great sub)

Pursuits: (not on mobile) a small team of pegos with some itchy seagulls both are to drain supplies

Ariel team: idrk about aerials so I’m thinking a quiztle and some pteranodons and tappys canons attached and riders with bows

When attacking a op tribe with these dinos here is a good strategy:

Send the scouts to survey the camp, and report back. Send the aerials first, they will be kinda of wave 1/2 and will distract the op players and keep eyes mostly off the ground. Then send in the pursuits. They will rob most of the players out of their stuff and distract them. Now, start moving in the tanks and the attackers. Have the brontos break through any wall that keeps the others from getting in and then start demolishing the base. Have the raptors and sabers stay at the edge of the base to catch escapers. With this strat you will totally ruin someone’s day but become sooo op if u

win 🏆

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