I am the one who tamed one on my third game day of my ark world. I named him fungus cuz I don’t like moss and he is a fungusy moss green. Few game weeks later (and level 21) I ended up with two more of these beasts. I named them Jade and Tar. WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE!!!! Fungus, of corse, is the Beta.

Somebody out there, “who is is the alpha?”

Me, “your talking to him”

Lol Jurassic world world joke.

I left some ded piranhas out one time and that’s how I found tar and jade. THESE GUYS ARE SO COOL!!!

They are def good base protectors. Put them on neutral outside base and they will attack anything that will attack pets or them. I will be posting a fan fiction about them soon (it’s not total true but based of when I found Tar And Jade)

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