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I was on a raft with stone foundations and walls passin by near the shores on the island then this dudes show up, 2 sarcos i was like "okay im gonna leave real quick" as soon as they start chasin they knocked me out of my raft and my newly tamed sabertooth.

raft: imma keep goin..so long sucker!!!!

me: wtf?!? how is that raft still goin?

the crocs: oi we aint lettin u or your cat leave

me: *grabs pike*

sacros: *dies*

tamed sabertooth:*drowning*

megs approaching: snacks!!!!!

raft:*still goin straight*

time: hehe boi its modnight its all black, u dun see nothing!!!

me: *crying*

*the night i started to stay further away from the shorelines and started kill these thing on sight just like the jellyfishes*

-i dindt my my body, my stuff, my saddle....

Legend says the raft is still goin......

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