Tiger the sabertooth part-2

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Tiger the sabertooth part-2

“Tiger you wanna go hunting?” I asked happily “depends what we are hunting.” Tiger said suspiciously she is a very suspicious cat and it could be annoying when I was trying to trick her into something she wouldn’t do otherwise “it’s fine tiger don’t be suspicious.” I said assuringly “fine I like hunting anyway.” She said reluctantly and soon she regretted it we had to swim through 2 lakes to get there one or both of which were unneeded and tiger knew i was doing it because she hated water when we got there she was very mad because she found out we were killing a spino getting too close to base and it was in water she would have to attack close up in water and I would be on a rock shooting but this spino acted very strange as soon as it got hit it immediately ran away onto land I kept shooting and tiger kept attacking soon it was dead tiger came to me on the rock but I was busy looking at something tiger followed my gaze and saw it a Rex in the water I looked and tiger and grinned tiger sighed she knew it was going to be like the spino I shoot she attacks in water I shot the Rex on the sand and walked backward tiger got out of the water as soon as I shot because the Rex noticed me and pathetically ran at me when I watviced the Rex I laughed at how pathetic it looked and before it got to me it fell on its face me and tiger kept hunting when we saw another spino and I didn’t want this even having a chance at getting near my base I shot it and like the other spino instead of trying to attack it ran away this one was really fast and it was already far away so I couldn’t kill it and tiger refused to do all that swimming I didn’t blame her I didn’t either so we just let it be when I was shooting it I accidentally hit a carno that ran at me but died as soon as it touched the sand of the beach I was at then we had to kill another carno “everyone says these things are hard and scary but we killed them easily, quickly, didn’t get hurt, and we are low levels! I’m 27 your 15.” “Well they didn’t pay attention to me and you were shooting from far away like a coward also walking backward. Carnos aren’t scary at all and the Rex was super slow the spino just ran away which is really strange.” Tiger replied insultingly “I only fired because I like using bows!!” I tried to protest tiger just rolled her eyes at me and smiled smugly we insulted each other a lot but we were best friends and we didn’t mean any harm just playing. “You won’t have that smug smile soon.” I said “why not?” Tiger asked smugly “because we have to cross 2 lakes, remember?” I answered then I smiled smugly at her tiger just glared at me then a bit later we came to the first lake tiger groaned and said she has been in water enough but I said there was no other way to get to base which wasn’t true but tiger didn’t know that tiger reluctantly swam across both lakes protesting loudly along the way “for this I get to eat a bird cats love birds let me eat the birds.” Tiger said it took me a second to realize she was talking about peach, my pelagornis “You can have a wild bird there are plenty around and I even have 8 bolas.” “Hmmm I guess I can go with that.” When we got to base we looked for a bird when tiger found one she called me I came and bola it so it couldn’t fly away I wished I could tame it but it was annoying to me and I would have to get more fish meat and I told tiger if we found one I would let her have it so I couldn’t tame it I only would’ve if it was a boy anyway and apparently it was a girl.

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