Tiger the sabertooth pt-1

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Tiger the sabertooth pt-1

I walked around looking for something to kill I was by the Arctic i had been there a bit ago for a while I decided to leave and go to the mountain I had been to twice before. on my way up the mountain I saw a lone black and grey striped sabertooth I found some dodos and killed them then I got it’s attention when it ran to me I shot it with some tranq arrows then it fell on its side in front of me i gave it all my meat and while it tamed I got berries for myself my sabertooth was almost tamed then I saw one of the griffins near us and another sabertooth near us the griffin just flew around and left us alone but the sabertooth attacked, it wasn’t by my taming sabertooth so there wasn’t much to worry about, I killed easily which was surprising because I was using a stone pick I gave the meat from that to my sabertooth to make sure I had enough and then it woke up and it said I tamed a sabertooth I named her tiger she was just what I was looking for then I told her to stay, attacked a steep so it would kill me, then i respawned at base and requested her home because base was far from where I tamed her if we had walked home we would have both died and it would’ve taken a long time.


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