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If they respect you there’s no reason to run, unless it does not...run where ever you can go. I have admin so I have no reason to worry since I maxed my level. Just be really careful near the griffins, they can be kinda dangerous to level uhhhh Idk just low levels. Far’s Peak is the only place on the map to find the griffins, don’t use a starter bow while taking it down. That could lead to death and all your stuff gone, make sure to bring a lot of raw prime meat if you don’t have kibble at all. Also watch out for raptors, Sabertooth tigers and much more while going to Far’s peak. Bring a flying dino and a lot of strong tranq arrows, park the flying dino somewhere safe and not too close to where you are and set the Dino’s attack to “neutral” so once you attack the griffin it does nothing, WARNING : don’t set to passive because your dino could be killed by the other Dino’s around.) also. Put it not so high on a rock but still high so if you need to escape you can. Btw thank u for reading

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