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I had been playing aberration for about two months. After plenty of grinding, I foolishly thought “Oh hey, I have some really high level dinos, and I bet i’m probably strong enough to defeat Rockwell!” I was wrong. I was so very wrong. I brought my level 124 reaper king, Venom, my level 132 rock drake, Drake, two other slightly other lower level rock drakes, Rocky and Deborah, and my two basilisks, Nesse and Toxin. I made it all the way to the terminal (with no deaths). I had brought some very high level armor (mastercraft and ascendant) and I decided to go with gamma just to test how hard Rockwell was. When I entered the arena I switched from my hazard suit to my good armor and hoped on Venom (my reaper). I realized something was off. Rockwell had spawned in with four sets of tentacles merged together in each pillar of tentacles. This meant that there was 4 times the number of attacks, 4 times the number of weird death orbs, and absolutely no chance for my dinos. Nesse and Toxin got smashed into the ground by a tentacle and died immediately. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, the arena was already swarming with reaper kings and nameless. Don’t those usually only come after the second time Rockwell goes down? So my two lower level drakes got surrounded and absolutely murdered by reaper kings. At this point it was only me, Venom, and Drake. Drake valiantly stood my side and held off as much reaper kings as he could until his last breath while me and Venom were trying to take out as many tentacles as we could. There was no hope. Two reaper kings attacked me from the front and blocked Venom from moving. The volley of around 40 death orbs that I had been running away from the entire time caught up with me and one shotted Venom. I was thrown onto the ground and the last thing I saw before being ended was 4 glitched merged tentacles approaching my face. RIP Venom, Drake, Rocky, Deborah, Toxin and Nesse 😭 😭

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