SCP 7214, also known as Rockwell, came from the depths of a curious place that is SCP 7214-1, or more commonly referred to as Aberration. The β€œAberration” was created from the corrupting of SCP 7214-A, known as Edmund Rockwell. Aberration is also an underground tele-porter that has been overtaken by the mushrooms in the area. To summon SCP 7214, you need to climb deep into Aberration. While there, you need to be cautious of SCP 7215, the Reaper, SCP 7216, the Rock Drake, and SCP 7217, the Nameless. When SCP 7217 is near other anomalies, one is chosen as alpha and begins a mutation, making it rapidly grow all of its muscles and giving it a glowing orange color. Once you avoid all threats, proceed to an iron terminal. From there, you need to put parts of animals that can be found in Aberration into the terminal, as well as collect ancient metal forms called artifacts. Once done, press the button on the top of the terminal and you and your animals will be teleported to his arena. Once he senses you are there, SCP 7214 will climb out of the purple acid and summon SCP 7214-B, known as Rockwell tentacles. While attacking, he will show no mercy to any living thing while you attack SCP 7214 and SCP 7214-B. Once defeated, he retreats into the acid and waits to be landed on Earth via Extinction Ascension. From there, SCP 7214 teleports into the Genesis ship, where he becomes SCP 7214-C, also known as Rockwell Prime. You need to go to a terminal inside of his corruption with HLN-A and attack him afterwards. Once defeated, the Genesis ship begins to dismantle and explode, most often taking HLN-A with him. I hope you liked the SCP story about Rockwell and have a good morning, day, or night.

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