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Some tips for when using this hibrid between the average autralian bug and a apache helicopter:

-The melee attack is way faster on ground than doing it in the air

-It can in fact land on a large flat wall , not just redwood trees, something like valgueros clifs

-When carrying something like a wild spino or rex , you can go backwards to make it miss some attacks and go further before needing to heal

-To rapid fire the missile attack ,push the button really fast and it will attack without the "lock in"

-To save your mental health and time if you wanna get one , just get a bronto preferably higher level than the rhynio ,cryo it , find the bug , un cryo it ,get it to agro on the bronto and shoot it with a longneck or pump shotty, when it gets really bloody stop and use the feromone ,if its not impregnating the bronto carefully shoot again, DO NOT PUT BRONTO INTO CRYO POD , craving are sometimes literally imposible to fulfill in some stages , like element so dont smash your head into the wall ,it is till will come put a high enough level

-And lastly, is morally correct to spawn in a wild Rhynio by commands trust me ,this things sometimes just dont spawn and makes you feel sad

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