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Totally worth it, the best tame in “the island” (do be prepared, for it is expensive, time consuming, and takes some preparation to have one) first, get a triceratops (can be any level, preferably 100+), obtain a rhyniognatha pheromone by killing one rhyniognatha , then obtain a quetzal so you can carry the triceratops away when you are done, due that if you cryopod it with the larva it will remove it, do what you must do to bring a wild female rhyniognathta to low HP, somewhere around 10-20% of its health (see blood in body, use shotgun or fabricated pistol ), hit it enough times until it prepares a attack with its tail and rushes at you, that’ll be the egg laying, then carry the trike to your base, there, it should take 8 hours to hatch, killing the trike in the process (make sure you are prepared for the most funky and wacky cravings by the triceratops, I haven’t tested it yet but it should affect level by 25lv/craving, they occur in an hour each), the maturation for rhyniognatha shouldn’t be more than 2-3 days, afterwards it’s fully grown, you can fly with it, faster than most, if not all flying tames, doesn’t waste much energy, has 1500 carry weight , and is optimal against alpha carnos/raptors of all levels, also kitting giga/carcha (all these measures where made with Traz, the 50 level born male rhyniognatha, currently level 101), most importantly, make sure you have a sap farm ready by the red woods , due that your new buddy will consume a lot of it and turn it into raisin that can be shot as three different projectiles and be turned into armor, upgrade life, melee damage and mostly stamina , it can carry yutys, rexes, and smaller creatures (use this at your advantage , due that the rhyniognatha has incredible flying speed). Cheers and success - Leon.

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