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Put sap in its inventory to start creating Rhyniognatha Resin, you can use the resin to pick up large scale dinos (caps out at rexes, Diplo's and paracers) structures like vaults and transmitters by holding R1 and pressing R2, Press R2 to place the structure again.(ps4 and Xbox)

Holding R1 and pressing L2 will swap resin projectile type, you have 3 options. Bomb, needle and rocket. Bomb lobs a glob of resin onto the ground and creates a pool of resin that will slow anything that steps in it down, if they're exposed to the resin for long enough, the victim will slow down to an achatinas pace if not completely freeze. L2 is to use resin projectiles.

Needles is especially a gun but with liquid resin as ammo, it's less accurate and takes some practice to use. L2 is to fire, each shot uses 1 resin.

Rocket is like needles except more accurate at the cost of firing speed, it allows you to zero in on anything you target. Hold L2 to target and let go to fire.

The Rhyniognatha is a glass cannon, it can't take a lot of damage but it makes up for that in dishing out a lot of damage towards enemies. Fire is it's ultimate weakness, steer clear of magmasaurs, fire wyverns and the occasional pyromaniac.

Pressing R3 (the right analog stick) like a button will trigger the "Taunt". It scares away larger scale dinos and below, including rexes and Yutyrannus. There is a cooldown to the taunt.

Holding R1 and pressing R3 will activate Resin armor, it's halves any damage dealt to the Rhyniognatha. Similar to the Stegosaurus' Hardend Plates. Will only activate if resin is in the Rhyniognathas inventory.

I hope this helps yall

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