Hey if any YouTubers see this comment I just want to say it is a good video idea to try imprinted Rhyniognatha (if thatโ€™s possible) Vs Beyla (if thatโ€™s possible too). Just saying that it sounds like a smart idea. Second idea is all other bugs vs Rhyniognatha. Last idea is wyvern vs Rhyniognatha even though wyvern will prob win. They can go underwater so Rhyniognatha army vs Moeder. Dragon and manticore vs Rhyniognatha (I forgot which map had the two bosses in the same arena.) Rhyniognatha army vs Desert Titan. Good luck racing Syntac to mutating OP Rhyniognatha that can one shot gigas or something like that lol. Yeah the mutating idea is probably gonna be done by Syntac cause he is really good at mutating overpowered creatures. Maybe if they are fast you could use them in the wyvern trench (Prob Bad idea but funny nonetheless) Cantex I expect to do Rhyniognatha vs every other creature. Cantex will also probably re race all the creatures in ark cause Rhyniognatha may be really fast. Rhyniognatha vs the crystal queen would probably be a bad idea but could work. Anyways if you have made it this far thank you.


(Specifically Lava the dilo)

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