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So our lv 1004 female Rex I named Executioner ( she’s lived up to her name as she and I have killed gigas and titans with ease. In fact we are the only business in the server that can actually kill them) just killed another titan by a guys base and it didn’t even take her down to 75% hp. It killed the titan in about 90 bites or so. Likewise it may seem false but we were one of the earliest people to settle in the server and stay in the server. Weve bred countless super Rexes and killed more titans and gigas than we can remember. It makes us the alpha of the server but we like to avoid pvp. We just like our work and our pay and we’re happy. However, if someone were to attempt to start a tribe war, we have multiple allies considering we do business and along with us we have people with air carriers dropping ugh level argies right out of the sky to kill everything in sight. (Air carriers are quetz) (Boat carriers are plesios with mantas on them and regularly sharks and ichtys)notenufroom

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