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The reason rexes have a tek saddle is that rexes are famous. Same with megalodons and all the other things that have tek saddles. But really, let's be honest, almost nobody has tek saddles. You have to complete a hard dungeon to get a blueprint, or pay big bucks! At least those are the two ways i know of. Im on mobile btw. Really, argy's and spino's should get tek saddles, (you can find more info on argy tek saddle idea in argy, somebody left a tip about it, it has lots of likes so it's at the top too.) Because they're REALLY useful tames to have, in my opinion. I actully on two of each. Im going to put this tip in argy, spino and rex, so you will see it there. Please ^ if you want argy's and spino's to get tek saddles!

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