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Two things:

First, if you want a good saddle for your Rex, run cave of the strong, which you can do with a cave tamed arthro, good fur and a few med brews and fria curry.

Second, since this is a popular page, I’ll give some free advice:

(For Mobile players only, playing on single player casual mode!!)

Run hunter cave and tame arthro.

Upgrade weight on arthro like a ton.

Run strong cave, and set a thatch foundation with a bed right by where the artifact spawns.

Leave cave.

Tribute strong artifact.

Put a bed and a couple large storage boxes on or near an obelisk. Put all of belongings in storage boxes and fast travel to the bed you put in the strong cave(make sure to save game and relog onto it before you do this) grab artifact and go find a creature to kill you quickly.

Spawn at bed near obelisk.

Tribute artifact of the strong, put loot in storage boxes and repeat until satisfied.

This technique will give you ramshackle to ascendant level giga and Rex saddles, and same level scuba gear, gas masks, and compound bows. Also, since all you need is the level to get an arthro saddle, you can do the strong cave early, and use this technique to get enough gas masks or scuba gear to do the swamp cave(also noted for its difficulty)!

Sorry that this was so long, and please forgive any mistakes in the message, I’m quite excited.

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