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The spell checked version:

(sorry for the typo at the start of the original tip…)

taming a rex isn’t easy…

from my experience, here is how to do it:


assuming you found one, there is a bit of preparation to be done, you need at least 30 tranq arrows (give or take a few, due to levels).

- get a crossbow, if not get a bow, the important thing is that the weapon you chose is compatible with tranq arrows.

-next, for tameing, you will need to harvest bio toxin from mitocondrias (blue belly fish found in the sea). this will raise the torpor level if it is running low, and it will avoid losing the rex after having knocked it out.

-get a lot of meat (3 stacks should do the trick, but it really depends on the level), this will allow the tameing bar to fill up: as you have probably guessed, it is not vegetarian…

2) K.O (knock the rex out)

-get the ranged weapon you are using and put it in your hot bar, then open your inventory, and drag the tranq arrow to the same slot as the ranged weapon. This will select the tranq arrow as the ammo for that weapon. If you hold the weapon in your hand, it should say something along the lines of

(weapon name)(tranq arrows loaded/number of tranq arrows)(tranq arrows)

eg, if you had a crossbow with 30 tranq arrows, it would say

crossbow (0/30) tranq arrow, unless if the arrow is loaded.

To knock out the rex, you want to find a cliff near it, and get to the top (a flying mount may be helpful). Now, just wait until it is close enough to shoot accurately, then fire away with your tranq arrows. If it starts running away, hop down the cliff, and continue shooting it (only do this if it runs out of range!!). repeat until it gets knocked out.


careful not to hit it again, get to the rex and open its inventory, then put all the meat and bio toxin in its inventory.

from this point on, patience is required…

If you notice that the torpor level is dangerously low, feed it the bio toxin, it will raise the torpor level by 80, but, oddly enough, won’t harm the rex in any way. If the remaining meat spoils, or you run out of it, you might want to harvest more before it wakes up. when it wakes up, if you managed to tame it, it will tell you in a prompt, otherwise, you didn’t manage, and you should run as fast as possible in the other direction.


-tranq arrows need the mortar and pestle to craft, since you need to create narcotic (narcoberrys + spoiled meat), then combine it with stone arrows.

-a primitive bow may break before you can fully K.O the rex, so bringing two or three might be a good idea

-avoid tameing it near water, because it is defenceless against sea creatures like mitochondria or rays.

-find a solo rex, unless you want to tame two at the same time, which would be considerably harder.

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