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Want to tame a boss killing machine? Well you came to the right person! So first let's prepare for the taming process:


-Tranq Arrows, Tranq Darts or Shocking Tranq Darts(For faster knockouts)

-Crossbows, bows, or rifles

-Raw Meat, Prime Meat or Kibble (Or cooked fish meat if you prefer)

-Narcotics (40 torpor) or Biotoxin (80 torpor) (I would not recommend narcoberries as they only restore 7.5 points of torpor and cannot be constantly fed to carnivores like the Rex)

NOTE: Biotoxins and Narcotics are not required for lower level rexes (Like those found in Easy mode), however you may still bring them just in case!

Now that you're all packed up and ready, let's get taming!


Now, there are different methods of taming the rex. Here's some of them:

METHOD 1: Classic taming trap

This method is a classic. The trap is pretty simple, but do note that there are other traps you may use not included! The trap of choice in this tip is picked because it is one of the most versatile and common traps!


4-9x Stone Foundations, 16-24 Stone Doorframes (Depends of size of trap you're using) and some Wooden Ramps (Depending on height of trap's walls)

Using this trap, get the Rex to aggro on you and lure it into the trap. You may use a flyer (RGs, PTs etc.) or do it on foot (It is possible to outrun the Rex with a certain amount of points put into Movement Speed!). Now that you have the Rex trapped, whip out your knockout weapon of choice and knock the Rex out. Now, shove some raw meat or prime meat and narcotics/ biotoxin down its throat and voila! You have your very own Rex!

METHOD 2: The Cheap and Lazy Method

This method is super simple, and is the method I usually perform. Just so you know, the best location to perform this method is near the Mountains (I play on ARK Mobile), where there are lots of rocks and bumpy terrain. After you have found a Rex preferably in the Mountains, get on a cliff or high area where the Rex is unable to hit you and start firing away. Once it starts running away, chase it down (It gets stuck in the rocks sometimes when you're on bumpy or rocky terrain like the Mountains) and knock the Rex out. Shove some Raw Meat or Prime Meat and narcotics/Biotoxin down its throat while you go out to get prime meat (I get them from RGs in the mountains or Theris elsewhere). Make sure to keep an eye on its torpor and not neglect the Rex for too long or it will wake up! After a bit of time and patience, you will obtain your very first Rex! Clap yourself on the back and enjoy your new battle beast.

Now, onto the features of the Rex:

The Rexes are great and iconic tames of ARK. Most dinos do not aggro on them (Emphasis on MOST), but what you mostly want to avoid are gigas (Unless you have a super beefy and strong Rex). They are great for battle and bosses (Especially the Alpha Megatherium if you're on The Island.). They are also good for harvesting Raw Meat, Raw Prime Meat and more. The Rexes have great HP, decent attack and decent stamina, unlike the Spinos which are more of glass cannons (They have great Attack but pale in health in comparison to the Rex). In my opinion, I prefer Rexes over Spinos (Sorry Spino lovers) but you can tame a Spino if you want (Or both ;) ) They also have a roar that not only sounds intimidating, but also functionable, stunning smaller creatures and making others defecate (More of a comedic aspect). All in all, Rexes are tanks/ attackers which are a must have in your entirety of your playthrough in Ark.

I think that about sums up my guide on getting your very first Rex. Thank you for taking your time to read this and happy taming! Do give me some feedback for any inaccuracies, thank you!

-Your average ARK Mobile player

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