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HERBIVORE MEETING! Stegosaurus: I’ve hosted this meeting to k//l carnivores. Ankylosaurus: One question! How do we do that? Stegosaurus: well. We need armor and turrets. We can also make mechanical versions of ourselves. Ankylosaurus: Oh… Cool. Brontosaurus: Another question! What’s the hardest metal to use for it? Lava carved metal? If so I can find some. Stegosaurus: It’s fine if you do that brontosaurus. We need to make recourse gatherer’s. We also have a carnivore that has switched sides here guys! Welcome them! Raptor: I’m a fast recourse gatherer. Everyone except raptor: welcome raptor! ??? All you need is armor to cover the turrets. Everyone: EEEEEEEEEEEEEE It’s a carnivore! Run! Raptors dad: I’m raptors dad. I have switched sides as well. T. rex: actually they haven’t. “Eats ankylosaurus and stegosaurus” you are next bronto. “Sheild comes around bronto” What? “Rex sees an army of alien looking creatures” Oh shoot. “Purple and blue explosions with bullets going over 1000 miles per hour aim at Rex” Tek stegosaurus: you ruined my life… “Purple and blue cannons charge” …So I’ll ruin yours… “Rex explodes and they rebuild rex from his dead body and program him to destroy other carnivores. They give him cannons and all kinds of stuff. He has become their master weapon” Thanks for reading guys!

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