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The incubator Chapter 4: The Meeting 💬 Moon: Agh! This is hard! Plasma: “Smirks” you know you gotta learn how to swim so you can hunt live prey in the sand. Swimming is phase 1. Moon: Whatever! We need a meeting! Like to set up our times of eating and going to bed! Everyone except moon: got it! Shockwave: One question! Do we eat after the meeting? Moon: Yes shockwave. We will. Certainly we have live prey and unlimited fish! You choose! I love fish! Sometimes they send Sharks! Sharks down there. I love them sharks! Meteorite: Moon! Another question! Do they usually expand this place when you get bigger? Moon: Yea meteorite. But during the construction they send us in our own temporary pins. Moon: Alright! Breakfast: 8:00. Lunch: 12:00(Day). Snackfast: 4:00. Dinner: 8:00. Bedtime: 12:00. (Night) Can everyone here remember that? Everyone except moon: Yes! The end. (Or is it?) - DragonFlameYT

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