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In ragnarok, Viking bay 1 and 2 theres a big skeleton Rexs cant get in to unless they go to the back but once you find a rex go to inside it all the way to the back in the middle and shoot it with slingshots if your low level but if your high level than use tranq darts so you dont waste tranqs since you have a lot of time Depending on your level if your under level 69 than get a rex under level 100 or you'll be there forever but if your over level 69 get a Rex over level 100. On the island theres a cave on carnivore island go inside it and follow the ragnarok rules.In the center use a raptor level up its movement speed and stamina and run while shooting it with tranqs and it will run away or it wont either way chase it or keep shooting and then it will be tamed. There are many other ways to tame rexs but but i found these easier somehow. good luck with the taming!

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