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Ok hi guys,this is Mandolorianis2cool,its also my roblox name,anyway,here are instructions on how to tame one,I tamed one yesterday and made the saddle very quickly.

How to tame a rex (VERY EASY :D)

1) get 90-110 tranq arrows

2)get crossbow or bow and arrow(if use bow and arrow,bring 2,they break easily unlike crossbow.

3)lure the trex you like to a area it cant climb,like a steep cliff and shoot it in the head or heart(the head and heart are weakspots)

4)when the trex starts going around the area running around,not killing,its almost unconscious,but be careful when you aim,its fast when it runs

5)when unconscious,feed it raw prime meat or raw meat,prime is better,all you need is like 5-15 prime and you tamed the rex(if its unconscious in swamp water,dont worry,it wont drown,that's were I tamed mine)

6)if it IS in swamps,make shure you have a Argentavis or other strong creatures that u can ride to defend the rex from all and any predators(I killed 2 snakes,5-28 kapros,3 sarcos,and 2 scorpions(plus a leech that got on my argentavis wing,i plucked it off in disgust)

Enjoy your rex,I hope this helped,if I get at least 5 likes I will do one for the giga,spino,and griffin(I tamed all three of those,so I know how to help)

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