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To tame this beast you will need 3 behemoth gates 2 behemoth doors a longneck rifle or crossbow about 100 Trank arrows or a 100 Trank darts. This will depend on its level though next you will place your behemoth gates close enough the Rex can’t get through but far enough apart you or you and your Dino can get out than place the doors on both ends open 1door than get the Rex to chase you in to the trap run out the side and shut the door then shoot it with the tranks until he or she is out than feed prime meet muten or kibble then he or she is yours. The other methed if you have a flyer with a lot Stam and speed get you tranks and shoot it till it gets close hop on your tame fly a little way away hop of and shoot it again and repeat until it is nocked out if this was helpful press the arrow that points to the sky if you need more help gust get on you tube and search how to tame a rex

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