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The Rex is a apex predator of the game, only out macho from the giga, and sometimes a spino. As well that giga os about to have a new rivalry over powering it. Back to the Rex, the Rex is a high classed power house that will take out almost and prey. I’ve seen Rex’s ( in my friends discord sever ) we both found the Rex’s prey items. Diet : trikes, paras, and I’m not going to say another 17 Dino’s. The Rex we have found was a level 15 so about a average level Rex in the “lost island” map. The Rex can take on almost anything. ( not in game but they should add ) -Females will nest in the high hills in the forest. The best should be are 4 foundations big. The nest will be covered in rooten vegetation, and tree wood as well as bones. The female Rex’s will have 3 eggs in a nest, if the baby rexes yacht they will be wild Rex’s but have to grow following the female mother. The Rex hatchlings will be slimmer and have fur and lose it when they grow. The Rex is a idle power hunter and a really carring parent. Anyways back to the nest 1 / 3 eggs will make it to sub adult. ( why are Rex’s so big ) their genificly modified from Helena walkers notes. ( what is the best taming method ) to use prime meat and mutton. Btw the Rex hunts large sour pods

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