Use a lot of walls if you don't want to have problems with the resources get a doedicures and a beaver plus a mantis or you can get use a metal pick or a stego or a trike for it I just hate it when you have to be level 74 for its saddle use a long neck rifle with lots of darts once down feed it meat a lot and build a fence around it and put you usefull items there and a sleep bag and boom you have a rex it is good for raw prime or raw meat so it is so great if you want a lot of meat for other carnivores that all and to level to 74 do a note run look it on YouTube they will tell you or you can wait and level up to level 52 and unlock the GPS and it will be a lot easier and get a pt with a carno following you make sure you have a lot of carnos or a good carnivore make sure you put in melee damage and health bye bye sorry this was so long

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