The adventure of ark chapter 6 (sorry for the hold up on…

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The adventure of ark chapter 6 (sorry for the hold up on the chapters I just wanted to build suspension).Tiffany stared into the redwoods…shallow had disappeared and you said:shallow will come…just wait.even though right now you were thinking about shallow being hurt…or worse then the bushes rumbled and you saw shallow burst out with tons of scratches from troodons and he stopped and fell down you and Tiffany ran over and looked at him…he growled weakly Tiffany said:he’s fatally injured…we can’t save him no matter said:no…please shallow don’t die.shallow looked at you and grunted…almost like he was saying:thank you for a good life.and he slowly closes his eyes and they fully close and you check his pulse…there is no pulse. he’s dead you say and you look at Tiffany with tears running down her cheek you also say:death…is horrible but at least shallow is in a better place suddenly a few raptors burst out of the bushes and circle you…you both run and come to a stop…a cliff is in front of you and the raptors are cornering you guys…suddenly someone jumps out of the jungle and scares away the raptors and he turns around….it’s Alex.chapter7 coming soon by dinodude8

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