(A spinos life part 2)a gigantosaurus!

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(A spinos life part 2)a gigantosaurus! I roared as it ripped off a chunk of my spine I gripped my jaws on its neck but it got out (and somehow ate my tooth🥸……..oooooooookkkkkkaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy anyways)and gripped my arm breaking it but I grabbed it’s neck with my jaws and plummeted it to the ground twisted it’s neck breaking/killing it I ruffled inside it’s body eating it’s remains (I know it’s gross but I am a spinosaur and I do eat meat)I looked at my broken arm which was still bleeding but then I saw that same tan blob like I did the day before except this time it saw I was wounded and brought out animal skin I thought 💭he is going to whip me with it 🥺💭but he wrapped it around my arm and stopped the bleeding I snuggled him I came back and saw he had made a palace for me I fell asleep then the next day I woke up and got out of my palace but only saw the tan blobs half destroyed fort the tan blobs blood and a note:saying I hope you can read because well you are a dinosaur come rescue me the evil ark lord has taken me I am badly wounded and I need help.so I set off to find him even though I knew of the dangers ahead(a spinos life part 3 coming soon)

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