The adventure of ark chapter 4:ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

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The adventure of ark chapter 4:ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! You screamed as you came face to face with a baryonix then somebody said:relax…relax you looked up…Tiffany was riding it she said:I tamed it his name is shallow.I said:you tamed a baryonix?! She said:yep…you have been out for 3 hours…you said:oh… but you guys weren’t safe for long you both heard stomping then roaring.that’s not a rex you said as the stomping got closer and closer and CLOSER! You hopped on shallow and both of you rode off…but you looked back just in time to see a GIGA! It saw shallow and chased you guys Tiffany said:UH OH! You said:WHAT! Tiffany said:ANGRY PTERANODONS!!! You said:ummmm….so that’s the egg I found 😐….LOOK OUT! Tiffany stopped shallow just in time because shallow was a inch away from falling off a 70 foot tall cliff you looked around and saw that the giga was now chasing the pteranodons and you had a idea so you dropped the egg and the pteranodons went down to the bottom of the cliff to get it and the giga chased them but fell off the cliff and gave it’s final roar as it was impaled by the spikey rocks below but a quetz zoomed by immediately and snatched Tiffany she screamed for help so you hopped on shallow and followed the quetz…it was now night and you were still following the quetz but you came to a forest…the redwoods… you said Tiffany had told you it was one of the most dangerous places in ark but you gained confidence and went into the redwoods…disappearing into the night…..up for more .by:dinodude8

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