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Rexes.. Everyones fear in random jurrasic world movies. Well in ark its less scary since its slow a big dum dum for heighs and most of all just roars at u trying to scare u but it only scares ur argy for my tips i will help you tame one of these late game or mid game (idk) dino

1 Make a Trap (yeah i know u might have problems with wood and stone so get a casteroides and doedericus)

2 Still dont have a doedericus and casteroides? Well use a cliff and load loads of tranq arrows (extra is great and very effective incase u dont have) get ur argy and dont let it roar at ur argy otherwise u will fall to death

3. Shoot its head!

4. Scream when its knocked out

5. DO NOT TAME ONE IN THE REDWOODS IT DIES FROM EVERYTHING THERE in the redwoods theres raptors, T Birds, Titanoboas (sometimes cuz the redwoods is near a swamp.)

6. Feed it prime meat or pulomoscorpious kibble

7. Balabing balaboom get ur new rex bff that will soon die of any other giga

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