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Okay, in my opinion, rexes are overhyped and is a bit of a pushover. I will explain why, and you don’t have to agree with me, I’m personally saying why I don’t really like them and what dinos are better in my opinion.

A - Rexes have abysmal dps. Generally, wild ones(not sure about tamed ones, haven’t used one) bite approximately once every 1-2.5 seconds, which is very low. Scorpions, raptors, therizino and heck, even a gallimimus has better dps than that and I didn’t even include the majority of dinos that have better dps than rexes.

B - Slowness. They are far to slow to escape any danger when low and can be easily shot down or just chased down by just about anything faster than a triceratops.

C - Not tanky enough for its dps and slowness. It just doesn’t have the hp to back up its low dps and speed and can be taken down by just about anything with around 600 hp and high dps(2-4 bites per second) with 20 damage or more. Dinos that can actually pull off this play style and have enough hp for it are ankylosaurus, basilosaurus, mosasaurus, doedicurus, woolly rhino and more.

D - Very low versatility. It’s only viable against low dps land tanks, swarms of low attack dinos and just about nothing else. It can’t swim well at all, it can’t fly and has no range attack, it’s too slow to be a rush down dino, doesn’t have enough damage to take down the toughest of tanks and just overall, not very good against anything else. Dinos that are more versatile than the Rex, similar size and have better matchups are the spinosaurus, therizinosaur, mammoth(sort of), woolly rhino and probably more I forgot about.

E - Not very useful for anything other than PVP/PVE. It doesn’t gather any materials particularly well other than meat and hide, isn’t a good travel tame due to its speed and very low agility due to size, can’t carry anything so it can’t be a transport tame and so on.

Okay, that concludes my reasons on why I personally do not like the Rex. I could very well be wrong about all of this, as it’s just based on my own observations and experience. I would personally recommend therizinosaur, spinosaur, woolly rhino, arthropluera, allosaurus, baryonyx and dimetrodons(plural, as they are best in swarms) as replacements of sorts instead of a Rex. That’s just my opinion though, so you don’t have to listen to me.

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