I tamed my high level rex(435) in the Arctic i was trying to find a high level direwolf then i saw it, so i tried to knock it out although i'm only lvl 36 i'm pretty confident cuz i have good ascendant bow and they're easy to get stuck lol, i'm pretty happy actually cuz i have an ascendant rex saddle from the january promo. I'll use my rex to kill the alpha rex that spawned near my base when i'm level 13+ i think, i can use an otter too and do spyglass glitch but i tried it many times but my otter always die cuz of stomp damage (i reverted my save)

I also found a level 435 spino near green obelisk i'll try to tame it next, i'll prolly tank it with my rex since the nearest high cliff was a bit far from where it spawned

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