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The safest way to trap a rex is to build a 2x2 square STONE foundation, add 4 STONE door frames on each side, and add four ramps to make one big ramp on the side your going to lure the rex into. Then, just have it chase you into the taming pen you've made, and get yourself out through one of the door ways. The next safest, but a little bit more risky and resource friendly, would be to set up 2 STONE dinosaur gate ways to make an angle, with a LARGE bear trap in the middle, so that once you lure the t rex into the LARGE bear trap, you can place the last dinosaur gate way behind it so it won't get out. Then, use a nock out method of your choice. Once it's nocked out, put your taming food of choice in it's inventory, and wait for it to tame up. No creature of my knowledge attacks an awake or unconscious rex, so you can go far away from it for a while if your in an area with other Rexes.

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