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You’ll be fine with taming this as long have you have high ground, their roars don’t have any effect on you or other animals, so don’t worry about that. Bring about 150 tranq arrows and get onto a high rock (I couldn’t find one so I just stood on top of some random server players tower and shot at it from there) and just continuously shoot at it, then once it starts running you might have to get onto the ground and chase after it, still shooting at it, until it’s finally knocked out.

If you just so happened to be taming this thing in the chalk cliffs on valguero like me, make sure there are no armadillos or ankylos around the Rex , because if the Rex gets knocked next to a herd of them, they will all start to attack the unconscious Rex and all of your hard work goes down the drain. Their torpor goes down pretty slowly and I didn’t need any narcos, but I reccomend bringing a few just in case.

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