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Rexs are really easy to tame I knocked out a 130 but it disappeared when I came back from getting food for it and I was on single player and out of render range so I have no idea what happen then I found I level 100 which wasn’t great but it was ok ok the first one I just stood in a hill and shot it with a cross bow the second one I tried to trap it but I didn’t think it would break wood Dino gates so easily so I ended up just running around after it I have a bit of a issue about the info on the rex it says torpor drain is high but it’s really not you don’t need narcotics unless your using regular raw meat but you won’t need a lot as I said they are really easy to tame as soon as you can get tranqs you can tame them even with a bow but I wouldn’t recommend it I think the saddle is a bit to high level considering how easy they are to tame just don’t get to close they bite

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