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Dev1: Let’s make and alien!

Dev2: You mean like, a Martian?

Dev1: No, silly! A Xenomorph!

Dev2: What about copyright?

Dev1: Who ever cared about copyright?

Dev1: Make it really big.

Dev2: Okay, what’s next?

Dev1: Make them have an insane damage reduction and also insane health.

Dev2: Uh, don’t you think that’s a bit much?

Dev1: Shut up and let me finish!

Dev1: Make it spread a bunch of annoying acid when it dies.

Dev2: Okay…

Dev1: Make it be the replacement for rexes on AB.

Dev2: I think your ravenous monster is done.

Dev1: BTW, we need to hire David Tennant.

Dev2: What could you possibly need David Tennant for?

Dev1: The boss, obviously.

Dev2: Oh no…

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