Behavior: Aggressive

They always seem to be at places at the worse time, not to mention that they hunt in packs of 3 to 5. Escaping is almost impossible due to there bleed bite in packs which slowly turns you into a snack. And you don’t find them, they find you! Once tamed, they become very useful mounts. They are able to climb up zip lines, even if wild. They jump up to 3 walls high. And even have a pack boost as earlier mentioned. Best of all, they don’t glow in the dark, making it easier for them to kill you in the barren mushroom forest.


You will need, 1 Megalosaurus, 1 2 x 2 x 3 stone doorframe trap with ramps leading to the ground, 1 crossbow/longneck, Tranq Arrows/Darts, and taming food of choice (Mutton is recommended)

First, Let the pack find you, wait it the mushroom forest

Second, On the megalo, pick up the leader and run

Third, Drop the leader in the trap

Fourth, Knock it out with the Tranq arrows/darts

Lastly, Put in taming food

Happy taming!


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