They're like raptors, but 5x more deadly, and here's why: 1- They deal bleed effect, so if are running from one and he bites you, your chances of escaping are reduced to 0% because you won't have enough speed to outrun them. 2- They deal WAY more damage than a raptor, like 2-3 times more damage. 3- They're stronger in packs. 4- Because they're native of aberration, they DO NOT glow in the dark, which makes ravager attacks harder to avoid during night time on aberration. 5- They can foking climb on zip lines to get you. 6- They can jump, so keep in mind that climbing on a rock to escape from them probably won't work. 7- Luring them to a stronger wild creature like a roll rat and make them fight also won't work, I saw a pack of 4 ravagers annihilate a paracer and then send me to the shadow realm.

More Ravager Encountering Tips