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So, we decided to go to the abberant Cave in valguero, and we originally took our two snow owls, and when we went to this place (to take a ravager) I got kicked off the mount and my bf also got off his mount, but when I went to call the owl I couldn’t ride him (wasn’t allowed in the area)so I fell down into the whole and then went down two wholes before getting to the crystal cavern, where I ultimately died, at this point we had cryod one of the owls and put it on the other owl so my bf was stuck in the cave with no way out so I came back on a argy, which also got stuck there, as I was killed by a rapter, my bf then died and came back on his own argy and when we got to the whole we BOTH died, leaving BOTH the argys stuck in this pit of death. For the final time we went on the Wyvern, which was a whole nother fiasco, but guess what happened to the wyvern in the end? Got stuck in this god forsaken hole :) and we both died and all of our fliers are stuck in this pit of death and suffering

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