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Bring plenty of meat and have multiple bolas ready to go because chances are you will run into more than one. We went out hunting for hide and found not one or two, but four all hanging out on top of a hill. My partner had not caught up yet and the first one went agro. Threw a bola, hit second was already agro and jumped on me. She destroyed almost all of my armor before my partner caught up and freed me. The second ran off into the woods and we thought she was gone. We were unloading meat onto the first unconscious raptor when the second returned and killed my partner. I wasn’t fast enough with the bola to save her, but I did manage to tame the raptor while she was distracted. We ended up pulling 3 out of 4 raptors out of that hunting trip. The fourth ran off into the woods after somehow escaping the bola and never came back. We named the highest level Blue and the one that killed my partner (ICKitty) Kiki for Kitty Killer.

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